Make up your mind, is it Information or Data?

D-I-K-W Pyramid It was for a while I wondered if Data and Information are interchangeable. Actually, they are NOT, but when it comes to Architecture, almost everyone thinks (except for Information Architects)  Data Architecture and Information Architecture are same. One of my colleague, who is now president of local DAMA chapter pointed me to DKIW Read more about Make up your mind, is it Information or Data?[…]

You can never get enough of Application Architecture

Application Architecture Overview Gartner defines Application Architecture as “Application architecture combines a core set of solution architecture design artifacts with architecture and design best practices to effectively guide application construction, deployment, ongoing performance and continued evolution of the application portfolio. A disciplined approach to application architecture enables real business value, enhances the organization’s leverage, facilitates Read more about You can never get enough of Application Architecture[…]

Enterprise Stack for Governance

Enterprise Information Technology Stack

Just how many layers are in Enterprise Information Technology Stack? Every framework that you come across has different ways of explaining the stacking or layering nature of Architecture, up to the point that you may think is there another way of looking at architecture. Archimate (although being part of The Open Group) suggests there are Read more about Enterprise Information Technology Stack[…]