Business Function

Business Function delivers business capabilities closely aligned to an organization, but not necessarily explicitly governed by the organization.

Business Interface

A point of access where a business service is made available to the environment.

Business Process

A hierarchical listing of Processes. Processes are comprised of more granular Processes. A Process can belong to more than one parent Process i.e., a common Process. Process is essential to understand the constituent components of value streams/ value stream stages in a hierarchical sequences and to identify the association with the related entities.  

Business Rule

Business Rules defines a constraint on one or more aspects of the Process that is intended to assert business structure or influence the behavior of the same.

Business Service

A Business Service supports business capabilities through an explicitly defined interface and is explicitly governed by an organization.


Logical Application component is an encapsulation of application functionality that is independent of a particular implementation. As such, it is a replaceable part of a system. It encapsulates its contents and exposes its functionality through a set of interfaces. An application component performs one or more application functions. It may collaborate with other application components Read more about Component[…]


A restriction on a process and/or application which needs to be removed to achieve goals and/or objectives.


Control is an action or a mechanism put in place to manage a risk. It represents a decision-making step with accompanying decision logic used to determine execution approach for a process or to ensure that a process complies with governance criteria.