Activity is a decomposition of a process and denotes a small measurable amount of work that is accomplished by a role.


An Actor in a Business Process is a person or organization who perform a Role. The role that is a user or a stakeholder responsible or accountable for one or more steps in a process or the entire process. An actor can perform multiple roles in the context of ac·tor ˈaktər/ noun a person whose profession is Read more about Actor[…]


An Application also known as Business Application or Software Application is any program or set of programs that is created to support end user functions. The application can typically be categorized as Application Software or System Software. ap·pli·ca·tion /ˌapləˈkāSH(ə)n/ noun a program or piece of software designed and written to fulfill a particular purpose of Read more about Application[…]

Application Collaboration

Application Collaboration is defined as an aggregate of two or more application components that work together to perform collective behavior.

Application Interface

Application Interface is a point of access where an application service is made available to a consumer (e.g., a business process, another application component etc.). It specifies how the functionality of a component can be accessed by other components (i.e., a provided interface), or which functionality the component requires from other components (i.e., required interface). Read more about Application Interface[…]

Application Service

Application Service exposes the automated functionality of an application component. It is accessed through one or more application interfaces. An application service may be used by business processes, business functions, or other application functions. An application service should be meaningful to its consumers; it should provide a unit of functionality that is, in itself, useful Read more about Application Service[…]

Architectural Landscape

Architecture Landscape is by definition view of all Enterprise Architecture of an organization. The architecture landscape holds all architectural views and state of architecture at a given time.