Reference Model

Reference Model provides Common language, model, framework and notations reduces complexity and improve agility of Enterprise Architecture while trying to: Describe and analyze investments, Enhance collaboration across architecture domains, Evolve Architecture Maturity

  • Foundational model for realization of abstract framework with domain specific taxonomy expressed as metamodel objects
  • Mapping of cross-domain specific entities
  • Representational hierarchy of entities for structured thinking and categorization of architectural components
  • Reference Models are abstract, but they contain entities and their relationships in technology agnostic way to clarify the context.
  • Consistent way to analyze investments and assets across LoBs and domains.
  • Enhance communication with a common language and framework
  • Assembly of sets of interrelated “Domain specific Reference Models” e.g. Data Reference Model, Business Reference Model etc.
  • Based on a framework that describes process and techniques to operationalize EA.
  • Focuses on higher level concepts, ideas to facilitate decisions in technology agnostic way.



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