Need is the mother of Invention or Innovation?

Accidental Empires There is a subtle difference between Invention and Innovation. An invention is mainly when someone describes a new product or process for the first time whereas Innovation happens when someone improves on or makes a significant contribution to a product, service, or process .  From where I sit, I believe the need is the Read more about Need is the mother of Invention or Innovation?[…]

Best way to ensure peace is to be ready for war!

The Intranet is Dead   Once we know something, we get accustomed to it, we start trusting it. I think this goes back centuries, when Romans said, “The best way to ensure peace is to be ready for war”. The security architecture has taken the same philosophy forward, “The best way to ensure Security, is Read more about Best way to ensure peace is to be ready for war![…]

You can never get enough of Application Architecture

Application Architecture Overview Gartner defines Application Architecture as “Application architecture combines a core set of solution architecture design artifacts with architecture and design best practices to effectively guide application construction, deployment, ongoing performance and continued evolution of the application portfolio. A disciplined approach to application architecture enables real business value, enhances the organization’s leverage, facilitates Read more about You can never get enough of Application Architecture[…]

Enterprise Stack for Governance

Enterprise Information Technology Stack

Just how many layers are in Enterprise Information Technology Stack? Every framework that you come across has different ways of explaining the stacking or layering nature of Architecture, up to the point that you may think is there another way of looking at architecture. Archimate (although being part of The Open Group) suggests there are Read more about Enterprise Information Technology Stack[…]

Star Trek Blueprint - Side View

Enterprise Model – First Cut

What is an enterprise model? Enterprise Model is a process and a technique within to create a construct of components and their relationships and behaviors with each other with varying levels of abstractions to suit stakeholder needs. Although there are several attempts to define Enterprise Model, none of them define a comprehensive one, but can Read more about Enterprise Model – First Cut[…]

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EA Modeling : Complex Vs Complicated

Emmeche took a scientific approach towards describing complexity in life sciences in his article named “Aspects of Complexity in Life and Science”. Reflecting back from past experience, complex problems will require a complex solution and in turn, may result in a complex system. Complex systems are different than a complicated system although they are usually confused with Read more about EA Modeling : Complex Vs Complicated[…]

Enterprise Architecture – Generation Difference

Enterprise architecture is like Generation X thing for so many of IT professionals now. Enterprise Architecture was conceptualized and developed to reality by Generation X. They believed in it, they practiced it. Generation Y and Z are not the same people, they grew up with Digital Media, Rule following just because someone said so is not their Read more about Enterprise Architecture – Generation Difference[…]

Information Technology Strategy

Advent of technology has led a revolution in Business Models in every industry. Every business strategy is not linking itself to company’s Technology Strategy. Disruptive technologies have forced business to run dependent on technologies, mainly Information Technology. During last decade, Information is hidden currency, exchange and stealth of information has led to greater security and Read more about Information Technology Strategy[…]

EA Measurement Matrix

Enterprise Architecture – Value Measurement

Enterprise Architecture must have a way to prove its value and worth. The EA Value Measurement techniques provide a series of measurements to illustrate the effectiveness of EA program. The value of EA program can be measured internally and/or externally within the organization. Each measurement area can include a set of metrics that can be gathered to measure Read more about Enterprise Architecture – Value Measurement[…]

Architecture of Governance

Since the need for reducing risk, streamlining IT processes, reducing cost and aligning to business has become focus life of Enterprise Architect changed. The Architect is the role for compliance management and strategic thinker. “When I hire for Enterprise Architects, I look for individuals who have an exceptional ability to communicate, deal with political situations, and take Read more about Architecture of Governance[…]