Business Modeling

The business architecture (BA) encompasses the business vision, strategy, governance, organization and key business process information, as well as the interaction between these concepts. A knowledge of business is a prerequisite for business architecture work like in any other domain (data, application, integration, infrastructure and security), and therefore is the first architecture activity that needs Read more about Business Modeling[…]

Star Trek Blueprint - Side View

Enterprise Model – First Cut

What is an enterprise model? Enterprise Model is a process and a technique within to create a construct of components and their relationships and behaviors with each other with varying levels of abstractions to suit stakeholder needs. Although there are several attempts to define Enterprise Model, none of them define a comprehensive one, but can Read more about Enterprise Model – First Cut[…]

Information Technology Strategy

Advent of technology has led a revolution in Business Models in every industry. Every business strategy is not linking itself to company’s Technology Strategy. Disruptive technologies have forced business to run dependent on technologies, mainly Information Technology. During last decade, Information is hidden currency, exchange and stealth of information has led to greater security and Read more about Information Technology Strategy[…]

Recipe of Architecture

Recipe of Architecture

Sometime back we visited one of our family friends for dinner. During dinner course, I appreciated pudding by our hostess, which triggered my wife to ask for recipe. Next week, we had a pudding at home, but it was Mango pudding instead of chocolate pudding as we tasted at friend’s place. The recipe was quintessential Read more about Recipe of Architecture[…]

Architectures – Home vs Software

After waiting for long 14 months, we got our home, newly built in a nice neighborhood. My daughter and I had been visiting home everyday ever since we signed the agreement with builder. In the beginning it was only a plot and a dream of a home. A vision of a cozy, comfortable home for my Read more about Architectures – Home vs Software[…]

Dr. Bernard's EA3 Cube Framework.

The Architect & The Matrix

It was about 17 years ago, I was a C++ developer in Malaysia, after a long work day, me and my roommates (who were my fellow co-coders as well) were longing for a break after a wicked release. We rented “The Matrix” movie from local store, and headed back to the paradise of couch. [Note: If Read more about The Architect & The Matrix[…]