An Actor in a Business Process is a person or organization who perform a Role. The role that is a user or a stakeholder responsible or accountable for one or more steps in a process or the entire process. An actor can perform multiple roles in the context of ac·tor ˈaktər/ noun a person whose profession is Read more about Actor[…]

Business Collaboration

An aggregate of two or more business roles that work together to perform collective behavior.

Business Domain

An explicit business-domain definition, or, in other words, a statement identifying the competitive boundaries of the organization, may contribute to better performance because it improves competitor analysis, allows timely detection of threats and opportunities, and aids the development of appropriate strategic responses .  

Business Event

An organizational state change that triggers processes; may originate from inside or outside the organization and may be resolved inside or outside the organization.

Business Function

Business Function delivers business capabilities closely aligned to an organization, but not necessarily explicitly governed by the organization.

Business Interface

A point of access where a business service is made available to the environment.

Business Process

A hierarchical listing of Processes. Processes are comprised of more granular Processes. A Process can belong to more than one parent Process i.e., a common Process. Process is essential to understand the constituent components of value streams/ value stream stages in a hierarchical sequences and to identify the association with the related entities.  

Business Rule

Business Rules defines a constraint on one or more aspects of the Process that is intended to assert business structure or influence the behavior of the same.

Business Service

A Business Service supports business capabilities through an explicitly defined interface and is explicitly governed by an organization.