An Application also known as Business Application or Software Application is any program or set of programs that is created to support end user functions. The application can typically be categorized as Application Software or System Software.
a program or piece of software designed and written to fulfill a particular purpose of the user. “a database application”. Synonyms: program, software, routine
An application is a managed Entity in an Application Portfolio Management. Application software is a higher level end-user program where as System software is a lower level program(s) that interact with the computer. A web application, mobile app or simply “App” are examples of Application Software ex. iPhone Apps or Android Apps are Applications deployed over iPhone or Android or Websites are application deployed on Web Server but accessed via a browser.

Togaf describes Application as “A deployed and operational IT system that supports business functions and services; for example, a payroll. Applications use data and are supported by multiple technology components but are distinct from the technology components that support the application.”1


Application Provides One or More Application Function
Application Exposes One or More Interface
Application Has One or More Component


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